The   Super  natural  Appeal  of   the    Strawberry Moon

 It is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs during the summer solstice when the Earth tilts toward the sun, resulting in longer daylight hours and shorter nights.

The Strawberry Moon, known as the full moon in June, holds cultural significance for  Algonquin people, who linked it to the ripening of wild strawberries

It is otherwise called the "Sisters Moon" in South Africa, concurring with the ascent of the Pleiades heavenly body in the Southern Side of the equator.

In the United States, the Strawberry Moon is known for its warm, honey-colored glow, giving it a unique and captivating appearance

Observing the Strawberry Moon in the US serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, cherish the natural world surrounding us

The June 2023 full moon happens a day after Venus in Malignant growth shapes a definite ternary (120° point) with Neptune in Pisces and the moon in Scorpio, making a "excellent ternary" arrangement.