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Black Mirror Season 6 Episodes 1 and 2: A Review

Black Mirror is back for its sixth season, and it’s as dark and twisted as ever. The first two episodes, “Joan Is Awful” and “Loch Henry,” are both excellent examples of the show’s signature blend of satire and horror.

Joan Is Awful

In “Joan Is Awful,” Annie Murphy stars as Joan Tait, a high-powered executive who feels like she’s living in someone else’s story. One night, she watches a new streaming show called “Joan Is Awful,” which is a thinly-veiled version of her own life. The show is a hit, and Joan’s life quickly spirals out of control as she becomes obsessed with the show and its creator.

jhon is awful, Annie murphy

The television variant of Joan who shows up in the in-universe streaming series is played by Salma Hayek.Hayek is one of numerous Superstars to show up in an episode of Dark Mirror.Part of the esteem of the in-universe Joan is Terrible streaming series is that Joan is played by an undeniably popular entertainer.

The episode is a sharp satire of the entertainment industry and the way it exploits people’s lives. It’s also a darkly funny look at the ways in which we all feel like supporting characters in our own stories.

The episode begins with Joan waking up in her luxurious apartment. She has a successful career, a loving fiancé, and a beautiful home. But something is not quite right. She feels like she’s living in someone else’s story.

Later that night, Joan is watching TV when she comes across a new show called “Joan Is Awful.” The show is a thinly-veiled version of Joan’s own life. She is horrified to see herself portrayed as a ruthless, manipulative, and self-absorbed woman.

Joan tries to ignore the show, but it’s hard. The show is a hit, and everyone she knows is talking about it. Joan’s fiancé even starts to compare her to the character on the show.

Joan’s obsession with the show quickly spirals out of control. She starts to stalk the show’s creator, and she even tries to sabotage the show’s production.

In the end, Joan’s obsession with the show destroys her life. She loses her job, her fiancé, and her home. She is left alone and broken, and she realizes that she has been living in a lie.

Loch Henry

“Loch Henry” is a more straightforward horror story. The episode follows a group of true crime enthusiasts who travel to Scotland to investigate the site of a notorious murder. However, they soon find themselves in over their heads when they encounter a real-life monster.

loch henri

The episode is a well-crafted suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s also a commentary on the true crime obsession that has gripped society in recent years.

The episode begins with a group of true crime enthusiasts arriving in Scotland to investigate the site of a notorious murder. The group is led by a young woman named Pia, who is obsessed with the case.

The group quickly learns that the murder was not as simple as it seemed. There are dark forces at work in Loch Henry, and the group soon finds themselves in danger.

The episode builds to a suspenseful climax, and the ending is both shocking and satisfying.


Black Mirror season 6 is off to a strong start with “Joan Is Awful” and “Loch Henry.” Both episodes are well-written, well-acted, and thought-provoking. If you’re a fan of the show, you won’t want to miss them. For more intresting fact bout cast and their interview, click here to read.

Revealing Story

The two episodes of Black Mirror season 6 reveal a lot about the state of society in 2023. In “Joan Is Awful,” we see how the entertainment industry is exploiting people’s lives for profit. And in “Loch Henry,” we see how the true crime obsession has led to a desensitization to violence.

These episodes are a reminder that technology can be used for both good and evil. It’s up to us to use it responsibly and to be aware of the potential dangers.

Additional Thoughts

I really enjoyed both episodes of Black Mirror season 6. They were both well-written, well-acted, and thought-provoking. I especially enjoyed the way the show explored the dark side of technology and the true crime obsession.

I’m excited to see what else Black Mirror has in store for us in season 6. I’m sure it will be just as dark, twisted, and thought-provoking as the first two episodes.

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